Welcome to The House of Mary Shrine

Schedule of Events

• Easter Sunrise Service

• Mercy Sunday

• May Crowning 1st Sun. in May

• Rosary Rally - 1st Sunday in
October (candle-light rosary
around the Rosary Pond)

• Feast of the Holy Innocents
Dec. 28th

Sat. 9:00 AM
Mon. 8:30 AM (summer)

Before Masses

Sun. 4:00

Patriotic Rosary
Sun. in Feb. 4:00

Chapel is open daily for
quiet prayer.

Tours by appointment.

The Mission
of The House of Mary Shrine
is to build, develop, pray
and promote a Marian Shrine
in South Dakota and promote
devotion to the Blessed Mother.

The House of Mary Shrine is located 5 miles west of Yankton, SD. Three crosses tower above from a bluff overlooking Lewis and Clark Lake. The bluff is similar to unnumbered other bluffs near Gavins Point Dam with its panoramic view below, while eagles soar above, and wildlife flourishes. There is much more to this bluff however, as the three giant crosses stand, sentinel reminders of the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Down the slope, other surprises await …a chapel, statues, water falls, a Holy Innocents garden, the way of the cross, rosaries and much more. It is quiet, peaceful and inviting to all who pass by. It is an oasis for prayer.

Come and enjoy for yourself the tranquil sanctity.

One might ask, “What is a Shrine”? The late Lambert Hoch answered: “A shrine is a place in which people can pause and rest and meditate and become refreshed in mind and in body.”

This Shrine began its development when a young couple purchased land to build a home. A priest told them to “save a portion for God”. They were also told “you will be surprised the people God will send to help you.” And so it is, since 1971, The Shrine has grown and developed through the generous work of volunteers and donations.

Come for a visit and discover for yourself the quiet beauty.

For information, or to donate, contact: jewell@vyn.midco.net

Be sure to investigate other pages on this website to learn more of the
history and happenings of The House of Mary Shrine.



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